I am a standards-based Flash application developer and Digital Signage Products Modeler.

I enjoys working on projects that involve a mix of graphic design, programming, web development, database management, and Socialmedia. I have over 13 years of professional experience in the field of MAchine API integration, application development and Digital Signage Modeling, working for just over seven years in India before relocating to UAE Six years ago.

Following Softwares are my best skills.

■ Adobe Photoshop CC For Raster Graphics ■ Adobe Illustrator CC For Vector Graphics ■ Adobe Flash CC with AS2,AS3,AIR Programming ■ Adobe Dreamweaver CC For Web Tool ■ Adobe Audition CC For Sound Mixing ■ Steinberg nuendo 6 For Sound Mixing ■ Autodesk 3Ds Max and Vray For 3D Modeling, Lighting and Rendering ■ friendlyway composer 9 For Content Broadcasting ■ Four Winds Interactive For Content Developing and Broadcasting ■ NovaLCT Mars 4+ For LED Display Controller,Calibration and Content Player ■ MYSQL Database, XML, CSS, Jquery, PHP, CSV.... ■ Python,C#,.Net Application Development

Major Projects

SPS (Dubai Smart Police Station with Pixcom Technologies)

Unmanned Queue Management System : This system used to integrate with all types of machines and services in each station.

Interactive Video and contents : we developed a system to integrate the dynamic digital content to the videos. So each station running 24 hours with dynamic videos without any interruptions

Daily based reporting system : The usage of this system same like any reporting. It can generate all types of credencials. Visitors, Continued visitors...

Face recognition and integration : It is the next level integration with face matching. This system will recognize automatically when the user came inside.

Citywalk Dubai (Citywalk Open mall Dubai with Pixcom Technologies)

Wayfinder Integration : Its fully mallbased wayfinder system. Its developed with fourwinds,C#, PHP, XML,CSV and Mysql

User interactive touch Applications : we developed some user interactive application for Media Poles like Selfie application, Weather, Prayertime...

My Strengths And The Benefits

An understanding of information architecture on the application and web.

Comprehensive knowledge in Machine API integration .

Comprehensive knowledge in Adobe Flash Action Script 2 and AS3 .

I can lead a Development Team to develop an Idea in My way.

Comprehensive knowledge of Multimedia and accessibility.

Comprehensive knowledge of semantic HTML and PHP .

Comprehensive knowledge in Server and Database .

Background in usability and user-centered design .

A good eye for Graphics design .

I am also a Digital Photographer .


Digital Signage Application Developer Prosign FZ -Free Zone Dubai

Interactive Digital Content Management : Can do all types of API integration, Alarm system integration to signages, Cloud content to the signages...

Interactive Kiosk Application Development : I have successfully delevloped more than hundred Kiosks projects around UAE. These are running out there in Showrooms, Hotels, Malls, Beaches ...

Digital signage Content Broadcasting : Digital Signage Broadcasting is a perfect introduction to this new world of opportunities for media professionals in all areas. Whether we are in engineering, IT, advertising, or management, you will gain knowledge on the operations of digital signage systems, content gathering, and much more on this new exciting media.

Digital Signage Application Developer : Its all most like a Kiosk applications. Mostly its developed With AS2 , AS3, Mysql, HTML, JS, CSS and PHP.

Flash Application Developer PIXCOM PVT LTD IN INDIA

Online Application Development : Pulling Data , Uploading Images or Files, Online Image Editing Software like Cropping, Text overlay etc., Interaction with INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK, TWITTER etc., Online News & Event Updater and its Player, Meeting Room Management System with Player, Online Kiosk and Digital Signage Manager...

Small Web Game Creation : I have developed small games for kiosks like Ball catcher, Puzzle, Mind Reader...

CMS management and Development : I have worked in development of CMS by Flash, PHP and Mysql. I have completed many Kiosks and Digital Signage Application and its Online CMS. I am also using Wordpress For Content Management. If the clients need their own management Application, I did it with AS3, AS2, PHP, HTML, CSS, MYSQL..

PHP development : I am not an expert in PHP but I can do what I need. I done so many PHP works for my company. Mostly its for Database Interaction.

MYSQL Controller : I am also working in Our company's Clients Database and Server as an Administrator.


3D Digital Poster Designer : I am also a 3D Modeling Artist. I have designed so many Digital Poster for my company Projects. I learned and practiced Modeling, Materializing, Lighting and VRAY rendering.

LED Poles Designing and landscaping : Its mainly covering the Embossing of 3D Models in Pictures or 3d Landscapes or what is client needed. I am using Photo Shop, Illustrator, 3D max and VRAY for these kinds projects.


Experienced in Teaching Computer Education : Web design, Graphic design softwares like Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, 3D max, Vray etc,

Education & Qualification

MCOM Masters Degree Post Graduation

2011 - 2014

I am a Post graduation student at Indira Gandhi National Open University for to complete my Post graduation in M COM Marketing.

AMSP Diploma Diploma in Multimedia

2006 - 2010

Arena Multimedia Specialist Program (AMSP) has designed and formulated courses based on industry requirements and expert analysis from its in house team.

BCOM Bachelor's Degree Graduation

2003 - 2007

BCOM with Cooperation from Calicut University

My Skills





as3 and air


3D modeling
3Ds MAX and VRAY


Web development


Vector Design




Microsoft office


Content Broadcasting
Friendlyway Composer


Content Broadcasting


Audio Recording and Mixing
Steinberg Nuendo


Audio Recording and Mixing
Adobe Audition